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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

My street

My street
By Hayden 24/8/17

Do you remember when you plan for a nice peaceful day and then it turns to custard?  Custard is good to eat, but when your day turns into it, it's not so sweet.
One day, at the rise of dawn, when the weather was warm enough. I was taking a stroll, then Jamie came along.
“Yes?” I groaned, I usually find him annoying.
“Can I play?” Shouted Jamie.
“No, sorry.” I groaned.
“Possibly.”  I groan. Suddenly I see a lady, I slowly sprint to the park. “Watch it.”
She almost ran a kid over. I turned around and I start to hear swearing. I slowly stroll past, ‘oi ooops’ I think to myself what are you doing. I see my mum's car coming stop I scream, I hop in the car lock the doors. I see her coming, bang bang she’s pretending to be on the phone. She starts swearing again, “Stop it.” I mumbled bad idea drive, I stretch as soon as we popped home we were relieved. Jamie sprinted home after.
A while later, I went to the park. The mean lady was back. I saw her threatening a girl. She was yelling, moving towards her in a threatening way. The girl was pale and it looked like her socks were coming right off.
I didn't know what to do, I didn’t want to get hurt myself.
I mean, who here what's to get threatened not me. After awhile, she stop threatening the girl. After about ten minutes, I went to the petrol station and I took my bike. I saw a blowey machine well, if that's what you call it. I filled my bike and went in the shop then I hear. “Bang!” It sounded like a hunter's gun going off. I rushed to see what it was. My bike had been stabbed by somebody. Well, I might be exaggerating a little. Ok it blew up.
I drag my body to the park at last. I see the pine trees dancing.
Well, my day turned to custard hopefully your future custard is only on your menu.

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