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Thursday, 22 June 2017


Science journal 5: This week we have been learning about flying vs gliding and man made vs nature.

For flying you need all four forces (lift, weight, drag and thrust)  to fly. 
Without them you can't fly.

The difference of flying and gliding.
Gliding is where you go down eventually but flying is where you stay in the air all the time and not go down.

My thinking is if one force is missing what will happen?
I'm wondering what would happen if a plane didn't have drag?

My observation are multi-structure because I'm trustworthy because
other people got the same observation as me.
I think my learning multi-structural because I can show my learning. 

My data gathering is multi-structure because I know a bit but not a lot.
My inferences are multi-structure because because sometimes it can be hard for me.

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