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Monday, 19 June 2017


Kahooo! Me and my friends are throwing the biggest party in the world. Then a parent says “Shut up.”  Ben says “Oh no you'll be sleeping outside.”
Well let me start from the beginning. Well it all started at camp - the teacher called out were we would sleep and I got the tractor hut . My roommates were Ben, Jye, Hendrix, Tyler and Riley. After 3 hours  it was bed time so we had a plan to make a party. Tyler brought the glow sticks. Hendrix bought lollies and I brought the disco ball. So we all set up and partied.
The next morning we were doing high ropes, my favorite. I got picked to do the wrecking ball one of the hardest, I was feeling as confident as ever. First I have to jump to a big long ball and jump on it and sing the wrecking ball. I jump off. Wee, I’m leaning back in the air, that was so fun.
Next I do the giant ladder. Yay I got to the top “YES!”. I do some belaying then cheering. Then I was the only one in are group who did the penthouse. It was so hard so I jumped down.
After dinner,  I cleaned my dishes and went  to our cabin.  I scared my cabin by turning on my light outside and saying boo. They all screamed.  I was laughed my head off.

In the morning, we were doing orienteering and search and rescue. As                                            we set off to orienteering, we set off for number 11. “Hey look over there. Yay we found number 11,” yelled Jye. We went to get number 21. After 30 minutes we had found them all. Yay, we came first.

Our next activity was search and rescue. Yay we get walkie talkies. The leader said that we are doing hide and seek. Team 1 went first.  We had to ask them questions on the walkie talkie to track them down.  QUestions like: Did you go over a bridge? Are you near the church? Are you near the fence? We found them sneaking behind the tree. After 1 hour we headed back to camp. I saw the bus coming. “Noooooooooo!” we all said. “Pack your bags” the teacher said. “Time to head back to school.” As the teacher counted the others on,  I hopped in the car with Jayden and Daniel. On the way I felt a little sick. Overall camp was fun and bad but next time will be better.    

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