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Monday, 29 May 2017

Week 4 trebuchet lunch

Week 4 trebuchet lunch
When the trebuchet was launching, I saw that the arm of the trebuchet was getting pushed by gravity on the other side. My observation is that when the gravity pulls the trebuchet, the projectile shots out.  I wonder if the ball keeps on going round in circles will it let go? When the sling pulls the projectile round so wants it go in circles I noticed that the trebuchet sling lets go on a angle.

My data gathering is multistructural because  I’m not so confident that my observations are correct but I can make some observations about drag, gravity and force.

My inferences are multistructural. I am not so confident that my inferences are correct, but I can make some inferences.  
Trebuchet model | This model trebuchet (medieval catapault) … | Flickr

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