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Tuesday, 20 September 2016


    Speech bullying
This term I have been learning to make my speech the best so I used several languages devices to persuade and connect with my audience.They are in the correct tense. My speech is very organised showing connections, and flow between all important parts of my speech. My speech structure and all ideas connect to the point of view and include factual information. 

Please click to listen to my speech or you can read my speech below. 
Have you ever been bullied?

 Have you ever gone for a walk and someone has come up to you and they pushed you or punched you or called names? 

Think about how stressed you were when you were little when big kids bullied you and how they judged you.

Well here's a problem, once I was walking alone down to the park near my house.  A boy, I think he was about 11 years old, came up to me and said what are you doing punk?  I was shocked,  hey that's not nice I thought to myself.  I tried to walk past, but he started to shove me. I was afraid “Hey, don’t do that,” I demanded. The guy stepped aside and left. Standing up for yourself is one way to stop bullying.

Standing up for other people is another way to stop bullying. Once I was at Jellie Park, about to climb up to the diving board… and then a big kid came up and I looked him in  the eyes. “What are you doing?” he said. “You're too tiny to go on the big diving board, go on the baby diving board” 
My friend came up to the big diving board and  then he shouted ‘Leave my friend ALONE !!!” Thank you my friend.

We should be brave and tell the bully how it feels to be bullied and maybe you can find out what is making him/her so sad and what could be making him/her life so hard and miserable. 
Make sure you help the bully and make him feel good, offer friendship, make sure no one bullies him.

Bullying is not nice the world would be a much nicer place without it!.

I'm going to avoid bullying and you should too, to make our world a better place 
You can ignore them
You can walk past them
And most importantly 
You can talk to someone about it.

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