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Monday, 15 August 2016



We interviewed some immigrants. There are many ways to make immigrants feel welcome. We could make a conversation with them and a little smile saying hello. We could include. We could not treat them differently.  We could ask if they want to have a tea or coffee.
People sometimes make immigrants feel unwelcome because of staring at them,  frowning,  ignoring them,  teasing their accents,  being mean.   

What tips or advice do you have for how we can help migrants feel included?
Treating immigrants like everyone else
Help them 
Learn their language 
Ask about their who they are 
Make a conversation 
It is important to show them around 
Including them for tea
Be kind

It is important  that we improve the way we make immigrants feel connected   with the community  because then we would have a happier harmonious environment where people connect and feel valued. That way we can decrease the statistics so no immigrants feel discriminated against. 

10% of people in new zealand are treated unfairly or are discriminated  . The most common way people are discriminated is by skin colour. How could we help immigrants feel more included?                                                      
Prejudice is judging someone when you don't know them. Like if I say you're tall, you must play basketball. Or you could be prejudiced against because of  money,skin colour, houses and way more. Do you know why some people are prejudiced? It’s because their mind doesn’t know, so it says whatever it wants and that's what prejudice means. Here's an example: one day I was prejudged by a group of big kids and they said me must be a junior because you're so small and the dumbest in the whole inter worldwide and I was not happy. I did not want to play with them.

 Like being mean, people frowning,saying do they have a bomb in your lunch box and many more so please don’t preJudge

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