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Thursday, 14 April 2016

My happy place and reflection

This term I have been learning to use music elements as a universal language. I can use many musical elements in a soundscape, explain why I chose them and their intended impact. I can communicate with different countries by making music. I used elements like beat by banging my hand on the table,  tone colour because I used a recording of a guitar, Tempo because I went fast, pitch which I went high and dynamics when my rhythm went loud. Overall I think my work is good because it ended out very good.

My happy place 

Where trees dance in the wind 
Where the birds sing in the morning 
Where the wind is blowing on my face 
Where the sand is soft as grass 
Where the sun shines on my face 
Where the trees are whistling to me 
That is my happy place



  1. Great job Hayden on your soundscape 😀👍🏻

  2. Great job Hayden on your soundscape ������

  3. What a fabulous soundscape Hayden, that's one of my favourites. You have combined lots of different instruments/sounds and it is very high quality. Well done! Mrs P